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Cesenatico (Fo) - Titti Twister 29/05/1999


Prozac+ in Tittitwister!


My name's Chris and I'm in the United States Air Force. I lived in Aviano for two years and during that time I had the chance to discover a lot of different music, but none were even close to Prozac+. The first time I heard the song Acido Acida I was in my Alfetta and was amazed. That voice, the way they played was so original I needed to have it. Not knowing the groups name I went to the music store Visius, down the street and I searched through all the cd's in the Italian section. I couldn't find it, so with one last chance I asked the person who worked there and he handed me a very colorful cd that the store just got that day. My very own copy of Acido Acida. I was a fan instantly. That music was so original that I played it for all my friends and they had to buy it too. To promote their album they put on a concert at the Rototom in Pordenone but I did not have tickets. That wouldn't stop me though, maybe I could find a way in or someone selling an extra ticket. When I got there the traffic was backed up for many kilometers, everyone from the entire Friuli region was there. All I could do was stand at the door and listen. It sounded so perfect, just like the cd. At least I got to hear them I thought. Months went by and I was moved to England where I am now. It didn't look like I would ever get that chance to see Prozac+.....or would I? A year went by and I was sent down to Italy once more for 4 months. This time I was in the city of Cesenatico working with 5Stormo at the air base out there. I had the chance to do a lot of cd shopping while I was there and to my surprise I was able to buy Prozac+ first album that I did not know about. I considered myself very lucky, but my luck was not out. Coming in from the beach on a beautiful day we stopped in at a panninni shop for a bibite and I picked up a paper advertisement for a nuevo club, the Tittytwister. That next weekend Prozac+ would be playing right there in Cesenatico. I was so happy. Now was my chance to see one of my favorite groups. Our friend Antonio from the 5Stormo told us we could go with him that Saturday to the concert but when Saturday came around we just missed him. We thought he may have been waiting for us at the club so we took a taxi and without tickets again went to the show. We got there and he was not waiting. What could we do? I started talking to a person who was working the entrance and he told us to stay there for a short time. After a few minutes he took us up to the front of the line and let us right in. We didn't even have tickets. Whoever that person is I want to thank him again. We were in the club and it was well worth the wait. The concert was fantastic. Absolutely amazing performance by the whole band. The energy was all around and I think that I, the American, was the most excited of all. Thank You Prozac+ for a great concert at the Tittytwister in Cesenatico! May '99.....................Ciao a tutti............chris c.(Doppio C)


altre ammucchiate censurate! Some Crazy Fans!

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il palco ad altezza uomo del Titti Twister! Splendido!!! Prozac+ Live in Titti Twister! WOWWW

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