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PROZAC+ The Biography:
PROZAC+ The Biography: Prozac+ (or Prozac plus as in Italian it is pronounced Prozac Piu) the band was formed originally in Pordenone from 4 members; GM (Gian Maria), Eva, Betta (Elisabetta), and Simon. After only 3 concerts together they signed a contract with the legendary Italian Independent label "Vox Pop," which published their first two 7"'s (impossible to find) and their fantastic first album "Testa Plastica" (meaning "Plastic Heads") on CD and limited 10" colored vinyl. In 1997 just before "Vox Pop" failed they published the E.p. "Baby" on CD. However, shortly after Simon left the band, Prozac+ signed a new deal with the major record label EMI which is based in London, England. In 1998 the band under their new label released "Acido Acida" on CD. The sales of this album were shocking and unexpected! "Acido Acida" sold more than 150,000 copies in only 5 weeks which was 10 times more than they had expected!! With this one album they sold more records than all other Italian punk records ever made. However, GM was looking for something more. He was tired of the false promises by EMI to print a vinyl version of Acido Acida so he did it himself. He paid all expenses from his own pocket (i.e. printing and rights) to print 1000 limited edition Picture Disks with 2 unreleased songs. The bands albums have enjoyed much success, but what they are really all about is performing. Their live activity is very intense and they have said many times that, "Prozac+ is a Live Project!" In fact, they have played more than 300 times in 3 years in Italy and 6 times in Spain in March 1999 to promote "Acido Acida." While they were touring like crazy EMI re-released "Testa Plastica" on CD with a cover of the Violent Femmes "Gone > Daddy Gone." During 1999 they played about 20 dates throughout Europe and worked hard in the studios to put together an incredible new album, their third. Now to the future... March 2000 they'll release their new single and album???? Will this album be geared toward the abroad markets and non-Italian fans???? Well, I am always informed with the latest news and happenings with Prozac+ and I have just been told that the new album WILL be written in ENGLISH!!!!!!!! Excited?? I know I sure am.

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